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Why Patriotism Is So Crucial

Posted by LeeAnn Miller on

Why Patriotism Is So Crucial

This country was founded by people from all across the globe, all different ethnicities, religions, and walks of life- all coming together to seek a common goal; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Moving forward, we must uphold these foundational ideals by continuing to support the melting pot that America is. Here are a few reasons why this is crucial for America: 


Patriotism Bonds People
First and foremost, patriotism is a concept that brings individuals together. A sense of unity and love for our nation is a connecting sentiment. Seeking what is best for the country as a whole and being supportive in this search is a mutual belief and common purpose. This will also lighten your mood and make you feel even more patriotic when you see someone holding the American flag or wearing patriotic clothes, recognizing that the love for this country is deep and readily apparent. 


Patriotism Strengthens the Nation
The act of patriotism makes for a stronger nation. Through your mutual love for this nation, not only will you be able to connect well to others, but the more individuals who show their patriotic feelings, the stronger our country will be as a whole. In order to support efforts to improve the country and to come together as a combined community with a common purpose, those who are patriotic will do what is right for our nation. The aim is to do what we can to hold the nation together and to show unity for the good of the United States.


A Patriotic Outlook is One of Fortitude and Courage 
You are committed and strong when you are patriotic. In showing your commitment to achieving goals in the best interest of the nation, you exude a unique power. If you are showing the American flag, thanking a member of the military for their contribution, or donating to an indigenous peoples charity fund, you are using your power and strength to do what is best for our country's benefit.
Patriotism can be expressed in many forms. Embracing patriotism can demonstrate our country's much-needed support and help build a stronger, more united society.