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A Look Back in History

Posted by LeeAnn Miller on

A Look Back in History

Our family spent the weekend reflecting on two monumental events, both of which had anniversaries on Saturday.

That which weighs most heavily on our hearts is the anniversary of the World Trade Center attack in New York on September 11, 2001.

In observance of the twentieth anniversary of this event, as we have since the inception of PatrioticMe, we honor military and first responder families by partnering with the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. This organization was founded in honor of Stephen Siller, who sacrificed his life rushing into the flames and debris of the Twin Towers attack.

A happier remembrance is that of the PatrioticMe Anniversary.

One year ago, on September 11, PatrioticMe was founded on the principle that there is no better place on Earth than the United States.

Like so many others, our ancestors came to America seeking opportunity, and our blessings have been countless. America is something to cherish - and we know our supporters feel the same way!

As an all-American family business, we are proud of our roots. PatrioticMe’s products are our family’s way of giving back to the country that has given us so much.

Our family has enjoyed the freedom and prosperity represented by the Stars and Stripes. We most sincerely hope that everyone has a reason to feel patriotic.

As we look back in reflection, we thank YOU. From the bottom of our hearts, as a family, we thank you for your support over this past year.

We are proud to call all of you friends. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Wishing you good health and prosperity,

LeeAnn, Jon, Hollis, and Avery Miller